We help startups and established companies like Flipkart, Tata Consultancy Services, Groupon, Newshunt, Swiggy and IBM design and build digital products for human beings.

If you struggle to connect with people through their devices, we can help.



Clothes, to go

We shrunk India’s largest fashion store to fit in the palm of your hand

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Great experiences around you

Uncommon created a simple way for mobile users to find and enjoy great experiences around them.

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Who says investing can’t be fun!

We gave Fisdom’s Android and iOS apps a fun twist to make it appealing to a young userbase.

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We all have a reason for showing up every day. Some do it for money. Others out of habit. At uncommon, we show up because we want to make stuff that matters. Simple things. Honest things. Beautiful things. Every day, we want to make things that affect people in positive ways.